Capcom Responds to Multi-platform announcement


Last week, Capcom confirmed the long-time rumor which had been going around for sometime, saying that the supposed Sony exclusive Devil May Cry 4 was going multi-platform. This was of course followed by a lot of varied reactions and even some Dante-must-stay-with-Sony movements which resulted in an online petition to keep the franchise exclusive.

Well, with all the clamor that we have been hearing from fans, someone from Capcom has finally braved the hordes, and spoke about the company’s stand in this decision. That brave man was no other than Christian Svensson, Capcom’s senior Director of Strategic Planning & Research. His brief statement is as follows:

We are certainly moved that people are so passionate about our products that they would go to such extremes. At the same time we feel that allowing more people access to our content pleases far more people than it displeases (after all, we’re not denying DMC4 to anyone that was already going to get it). It really is the best decision for the company and for consumers.

Even though some fans may be upset at this development, the man has a HUGE point. Moving a title onto another platform doesn’t lessen the fact that Devil May Cry 4 will be, as its predecessors were, a cool and fun game. Besides, weren’t games created to allow people to have fun in the first place?


~ by Mike on March 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Capcom Responds to Multi-platform announcement”

  1. I think that’s the problem; since a majority of Playstation 3 owners bought a Playstation 3 to enjoy titles like Devil May Cry 4, the fact that Capcom pulled a 180 on everyone and announced the title to be multiplatform kind of sent a bad message to those individuals. I’ll agree that the online petition was ridiculous and childish; but as you noted in your last sentence, everyone is still going to play the same game. Whether the Playstation 3 version has any differences from the Xbox 360 version will be up to the people who play both versions.

    If you ask me, I think the real question is what differences will each version have.

  2. I’ll say it comes down to achievements and maybe easier co-op or just co-op eh…what do you think?

  3. Ha ha … the guy that said DMC4 was the one of the reasons for buying the PS3 got pwn3d!!!! Capcom didn’t have to explain jack to us … we knew the truth. The PS3 doesn’t have the street cred like the PS2 did for exclusives. Any publisher – not ownd by Sony – would be crazy to develop a PS3-only game. Yeah … you wanna lose your money, more power to you … but like it or not, the PS3 is getting own3d by the Wii and DS. So what the Wii offers a fun system at a cheap price. So what the year-old M$ 360 is even kicking your butt … SOny … maybe marketing the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player that plays games will generate more sales.

    All I have to say is … without exclusives, Sony can forget about a comeback until they give PS3s away …

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