Import Reminder: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Importers take note. On Thursday, March 29, 2007, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + will be released in Japan. The odds of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + coming to the U.S. are very slim considering the first Final Mix never made it here; also, since Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + is based on the North American version and will retain the uncensored Japanese parts, odds are North America won’t see a release. Then again, I could be wrong.

If you’re going to be one of the bold and daring people to import Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +, click here to preorder it from our affiliate Play-Asia before it sells out big time and doesn’t restock for a while…believe me, it happened before. Also, as a kind reminder, here’s the promotional video to Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + that shows the new Chain of Memories gameplay as well as the new features of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +


~ by Rolando Ochoa on March 26, 2007.

21 Responses to “Import Reminder: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +”

  1. “Importers take note. On Thursday, March 29, 2007, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + will be released in Japan”

    Ahem…wrong wrong. On Thursday, March 29, 2007, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + will be SHIPPED from Japan, ha-ha.

    Your right about ordering it though, I was planning to order the asian version for reasons you understand but it was sold out once I was ready to go with it. Oh well JP version is fine.

  2. Too bad about the Asian version Sold out, thats the one with the real helpful english foldout detailing the basics of the game, it looks like trial and error it is until you figure out what does what lol.

  3. If you’ve played the game before, which you already have Ernie, then I don’t think you need the Asian version to help you know what to do. It’s all in your memory! Recollection will help you remember what buttons do what; and since you know katakana, you already know what skills are what.

    The Asian version of any big name game always sells out faster than the Japanese version of any game. A good example of that, for me, would be Final Fantasy XII.

  4. wow….I got incredibly lucky! I just bought this two days ago at Play-Asia and I just went back and, like you said, they’re completely sold out! I’m glad I ordered it when I did! Now I just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail!! X3 (can barley stand the wait)

  5. I’m holding the game in my hands right now but, living in Canada, I need a converter disc or something. It’s ticking me off that I have to wait to get one! >.

  6. but why is the U.S never getting any of the final mixes?

  7. I hope thatthis time, they released the game in America and I surehave a good feeling!!… well I thing that the best we can do is wait for an answer of Squar.. I hope.. will be “YES”

  8. it says that KHFM=Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is coming out on May.

  9. KHFM is a great game and it has all the organization people in chain of memories and u get to face roxas and u get new keyblades too like 1 that have heartless and roxas keyblade

  10. Hey everyone i heard that it might come out in May 15 or 16 but i bet thats a lie. Well i think its coming out in the Fall like October or November maybe its going comes out when Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out (October).

  11. why wont it come out in u.s.If i order it in china will it only speak china

  12. I wonder what square Enix meant by ” American fans will be happy a the end of the year.”

  13. Why does FM always come out in Japan the actors are from the states( I am Canadian) but whenever stuff is released in U.S it’s released in Canada and why does Japan always get the good stuff they could be nice and release the best games in Canada and U.S.

  14. Now Egm is saying KH 2 Final mix is coming for sure in the
    summer 2008, let’s hope their right and Square Enix just
    keeping quiet about it.

  15. Some body answer or something!!!!

  16. maybe it is maybe it isn’t i just hope they get it out in north America and stop being selfish

  17. You got that right roxas 202

  18. anyone do you think you will fight cloud in the kingdom hearts 2 part

  19. They really need to give us a definite yes or no… I’ve been waiting forever for a straight answer from Square on whether or not we will be getting KHFMII+
    I Think it would be completely unfair if they deny us the game, mostly for the fact that there was an amazing amount of storyline and brand new battles added as well as the complete remake of Chain of Memories for the PSP…
    I think we’ve all been waiting way too long…
    Square… we need to know! Are we getting it or not!? D=

  20. Did you here that Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is coming to the USA they are casting for english voice acters and the guy that found out comfired it with some of the people there!

  21. im really sad we might not get a copy i love kingdomhearts games im mad kingdomhearts1 final mix didnt come to america im sad and im in the north too

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