Monster Kingdom becomes Folks Soul for the PS3


To save you from inaccuracy due to annoying online translation engines, here’s what we do know for sure about the Action/ Advenuture Fantasy from publisher Sony: Folks Soul for the PLAYSTATION 3 (which was tentatively titled Monster Kingdom Unknown Realms). First the game is set to be released in Japan on June 2007. Second, the lead Characters are named Keats and Ellen. Third, the game is developed by Game Republic, the same folks who developed Genji: Days of the Blade.

We also know that the gameplay will somehow incorporate the use of the P3’s SIXAXIS controls. Famitsu reports that Catching/Grabbing your opponents starts with pressing the R1 button and then tossing them around involves shaking the SIXAXIS around.

Running the story description – which is in Japanese – through babelfish basically just gets us crap, or comedic engrish gold, depending on your point of view. More details to come.

This is Pokemon on the PS3 with nice graphics folks, true story. It’s cool though…I hope.¬†

[Source: PS3.QJ]


~ by Mike on March 26, 2007.

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