Unknown images surface! Cellius perhaps?

famitsu1.jpg famitsu2.jpg famitsu3.jpg 

The Internets have been abuzz lately with unknown images that surfaced from somewhere, first appeared on NeoGAF and are assumed to be Famitsu scans. As to what games these are and what console they are for, that’s unknown.

Some people have began to assume that these three unknown games are the new PS3 projects that are being developed by Cellius, the new Sony/Namco-Bandai development studio that caters to developing games exclusively for the PS3. Others believe that these are just projects that can be on the PS3 or Xbox 360; but regardless of whether the projects are for PS3 exclusively or also for Xbox 360, there’s no denying the graphical depth and beauty of these images.


~ by Rolando Ochoa on March 26, 2007.

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