Koei’s Wii business

As the Wii proceeds to make its mark on the world in its own way more developers are embracing the machine. One such studio is that of Koei, which many should recognize mainly as the studio which graces (if you can call it that) the market with those Dynasty Warrior games. Koei’s Wii project is Opoona, a sci-fi, cartoony RPG developed by Artepiazza. You play as Opoona, who got lost with his family during a trip to the planet Landroll, and later found his parents were in hospital, his brother and sister were gone missing. Opoona starts off his quest traveling to different planets to find his missing siblings. In the quest Opoona must master different job skills and earn licenses to travel to different colonies. Have a look at the screens of their project.

Publisher: Koei

Developer: Artepiazza
Platform: Wii
Genre: RPG
Origin: Japan
Release: Summer 2007




source: the Magic box


~ by accelzero on March 27, 2007.

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