My girlfriend is a dude?!


Face it; there are people out there in this world who instantly fall in love with someone else who lives oh so many miles away. Yet, both people have never met in real life and only know how the other looks via pictures; but even sending and receiving pictures can be a bit deceiving. You never know if the person is who they really say they are.

Of course, nothing beats this interestingly humorous headline from about 22 year old college sophomore John Harrison learning that his longtime WoW girlfriend was…well…really a guy! The best part about it; he was literally shocked!!


The revelation that Chelxai was actually a guy has caused a rift in the guild. A survey of the guild showed that everyone but the officers had engaged in a textual relations with Chelxai since the guild’s founding, and they now live in constant fear of screenshots surfacing on the forums. Further scandal erupted when an unnamed source amongst the officers hinted that the higher ranking officers were aware of the entire charade since the guild was founded and thought the whole situation was hilarious. Guild infighting quickly spilled over to public message boards, compounding Harrison’s mortification to impossibly high levels.

The clever ruse also caused some stir amongst the general male population of the server. Pictures of Chelxai had been making the rounds on server message boards, and he managed to gather a large following of fanboys before it was revealed that the object of their desire was actually a twenty seven year old junior college dropout who still lived with his parents and had recently been fired from the local Burger King after being caught masturbating in the store office to pictures of blood elves he had printed out and brought to work.

Lesson of the day; never do online dating. You could be dating a 40 something year old Star Wars geek who lives in his mom’s basement…yeah 😦


~ by Rolando Ochoa on March 27, 2007.

One Response to “My girlfriend is a dude?!”

  1. Um…pfft, ha-ha. Come on now real dating and interaction will always beat that of the online kind. Can’t believe that guy was “shocked” I sure wasn’t, ha-ha.

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