New 28 Weeks later Trailer

Get it while its hot people, the new 28 Weeks later trailer is out. For those of you not in the know, 28 weeks Later is the sequel to the 2002 awesome zombie movie, 28 Days Later.

The sequel picks a little after the events set by the first movie. Seven months after the rage infection has pretty much finished Britain the good US of A is taking over and restoring whats left. They actually made a quarantined city (London) and are repopulating it but a carrier of the Rage infection (Zombie) enters the city, re-igniting the rage plague yet again. It seems that even though the people repopulating the city are meticulously tested before entering the quarantined city, somehow one of those rage zombies got inside the place to bring hell.

My only worry about the film is the fact that Danny Boile didnt direct it. He is now Executive Producer with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo at the helm of the directing. Will this change in the team make the movie better than the last? Or, will it make it tarnish the good name of the first one? Whatever the case, 28 Weeks later is stated for a release on May 11th, 2007.


~ by Ernie on March 27, 2007.

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