Rumorang: Xbox 360 Spring Update List


Seems a few peeps on the internets have leaked what will be showing up very soon on LIVE’s Spring update. Again this is Rumorang material so take with a grain of salt, or a pound; your choice.

Multiperson Group Chat – You can’t do it with people in the same game as you.

Tighter Intergration – More personal online profile page intergration

More BC Games – Larger list of Backwards Compatible games.

Clan Blade – Clan support for all games that have clan support.

Web Browser – Optional download in the marketplace so those that don’t want it don’t have to have it.

Faster Guide – The desktop with be much smoother and cleaner with some visual tweaks and upgrades.

Vision Camera Features – A lot more features for the camera.

Disk Drive – When disk is in drive it’ll display which game is in the disk drive.

Customizable Themes – able to put a different pic on each blade.

Friends List – able to add more friends

Multi Video Chat -up to 4 people in a room chatting

Video Messages
– able to send a video message to your friends

Ad Deletion – Able to turn on or off the advertisements whether your 18 or not.

Arcade Demos – Not to appear under games played.

Open Tray – Open the disk tray from the dashboard when a game is in it.

Text Messages – Longer than 250 characters.

Away Messages – Like AIM. So it would say going out for dinner, etc.

Weather System – Somewhat like the Wii where you can see a forecast for your area.

Zune – More integration with the 360.

Video Codec – More support than just WMV.

Reply Message – Able to see the text that your friend replied to. So you can
remember what you said to them.

Save Vision Pics – Able to save a bunch of pics from your vision camera to the hard drive.

Groups/Clans – Be able to have groups on your friends list. like “real friends” and “GOW gear heads”


~ by Mike on March 27, 2007.

7 Responses to “Rumorang: Xbox 360 Spring Update List”

  1. Any idea when the Spring update goes live? Based upon the above feature set, I want this as soon as possible.

  2. i’d say there is about 5 things I’ve thought of there myself. MS is in my head.

  3. Already Confirmed there is no clan blade.

  4. Cool!
    I hope that its true

  5. Major Nelson have posted some features:

  6. Hi i am making a website about xbox 360, may i please have pomistion to use ur picture( if u can email me back on thank you

  7. Stay tunes for this springs update. Arcade.

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