Looking For Your Mech Game Fix On Your New Console?

by Ron


If Lost Planet’s mechs weren’t cutting it for you, well there’s a bit of relief on the horizon with Armored Core 4. Our favorite guys up in IGN had the liberty to have a run at the game while most of us were out buying flowers, chocolates, lap dances, and what not for our “loved ones”.

With what seems a pretty good impression I’ll summarize what they had to say.

  • Unlike the realistic physics approach in Steel Battalion, this baby is actually a fast paced action game. Like Sega’s Virtual On??? One can only wish.
  • Intuitive controls for a mech game.
  • Tedious tunings but well worth it.
  • Weapons, weapons, and oh yea…. Weapons.
  • Some bland backgrounds but very little of it. Nothing worth crying over.


Both PS3 and 360 version are identical according to them, so no need to get into that mess. But my money would be on the 360, for the achievements and online play. Expect this sometime in March.


~ by reklesgemini on February 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Looking For Your Mech Game Fix On Your New Console?”

  1. Looks GOOD indeed!!! cant wait!

  2. What are you talking about? “Both PS3 and 360 version are identical”. How can this be when I just laid out a whopping $599.00 Bucks, for this miracle of modern technology? The PS3 hands down has far superior graphics and should be the version of choice when selecting this game.

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